Véhicule Tesla dev

Tesla Car Application for Eedomus

Follow your Tesla car with this plugin for Eedomus.

This plugin was developped by mediacloud.

See this forum thread for more information or for feedback.

Current version is v 1.7.0.


tesla car overview

The plugin reports the following data to Eedomus :

tesla car actions

It exposes the following commands which can be used in rules :

Note : each command calls the 'wake_up' command before, if needed.

Installation and configuration

Install the plugin from the Eedomus store.

It is recommended to have your Tesla car awake when you install the plug-in. To awake tour car, launch the Tesla App on your phone, or open/close a door.

Code and authentication

The plug-in will get automatically the access token using the Tesla backend. It will renew it automatically every 8 hours.

The plugin needs a code to retrieve the tokens. To obtain this code, do the following :

auth url

auth url

code paste


By default, the plugin uses the first vehicle of your account. You can force a specific vehicle by providing its VIN.


Click on create. Then you can go the Tesla room. You should see the data a few seconds after (if the car is awake).

Note on polling interval and battery drain

There are optimizations in the plugin to avoid battery drain. Here are some details :

Note on electricity price

You can modify the price per kWh in the configuration of the 'Charge energy added (cost)" meter. Update the value in the XPATH expression.